Shortest bit of advice

When finding yourself in a difficult situation where you cannot tell what you should do to rid yourself of this problem and where you know you will hurt someone there are 5 bits of advice.

1. Take time to evaluate the situation and everyone involved, including yourself. Main part of this is to take time, however do not take too much time.
2. Put your trust in somebody, maybe a few friends, no more than five people. That way you are aware of who you told and can keep your situation quiet. Be wise about who you trust.
3. Remember who you are. Don’t let gossip or insults change your view of yourself, especially not in messy situations. Stand your ground and know yourself well enough to protect yourself.
4. Breathe. Don’t rush yourself. Don’t over think. Take a pen and paper and write how you feel if you have to. Distance yourself from individuals who influences your decisions. BREATHE.
5. Don’t hurt yourself. If you have to hurt someone else then so be it. Be selfish. In the end if you protect someone, you aren’t protecting the most important individual, which is YOU.

I found myself in a ridiculous situation. This was my way of dealing with it along with my every day hassles. It helped me and maybe, maybe it’ll help someone else. Just remember that you got in this bed, so make it up and DO NOT regret sleeping in it.


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Best Friends ForNEVER


‘Friends forever’, right? As I look back on the year of 2014 I can’t help but sort of reflect on who I am. I believe that when it comes to friendships I am very precise. I am that girl who will judge you the first time and stick to that judgement. Now don’t get me mixed up with the judge a book by its cover type, because I am definitely not that girl. I just believe in first impressions, and believe me, if you aren’t my cup of tea, you never will be. Thus, friends are chosen very strictly. My Grade 7 teacher once told me:

Birds of a feather, flock together.

I believe that she was right. You can closely link friends with an individual. It’s in our speech, our walk and even our appearance. We spend so much time with our friends that (a) we rub off on eachother, picking up each others ways, and (b) we fail to distinguish between right and wrong when it comes to our ‘friends’.

For example, on multiple occasions have I judged someone for their actions, but lacked to notice my friends actions which were identical to those I’ve already looked at in a way of disapproval.

To get to the point of this post, my friendship group now consists of five close friends, girls who’ve been around for as long as I can remember. Now these girls aren’t all friends, they are acquainted, but all fall in different friendship groups. There are two factors that I can say they all have in common, (a) we’ve argued and gotten over it all together & (b) we share a huge amount of respect for each other which will mean that we’ll trust eachothers judgement and listen when advice is given. Along with these ladies, my friendship group consists of males, as to me they are the easier sex to be friends with (no inequality intended).

This year I lost a best friend, whom has been around now since 2011. She is a year younger than I am. I just want to say that sometimes, things don’t turn put the way we want it to, and the saying people change, it isn’t true. People grow, they revile their ‘true colours’. I believe that you can make changes in your life that influences your decisions, nothing more. To continue, I realised that the girl I thought I became friends with, wasn’t ‘real’. This further meant that my supposed first impression was wrong. Maybe it was the fact that we were younger and less exposed to the teenage life and it’s troubles. The thing is that after our first argument that we ever had, which was this year, 2014, we couldn’t get along anymore. She got angry at me, stopped seeing me, stopped messaging me, didn’t bother greeting me in the school passages & you know what? It hurt! It’s still hurting. Today she unfollowed me on instagram and I freaked out, sending my boyfriend a message which I would have sent her, but didn’t, in order to ‘vent’ and as they say let it all out. See I wasn’t angry that she unfollowed me, that’s childish, I was angry because it got to the point where we’d start to scoop low.

This was a long post and if you got through it, I thank you for your patience.

Some advice:
Pick your friends wisely.
Lower your expectations.
There’s no rule book for girls.
Be your own person.
Don’t follow a crowd.


sometimes good things fall apart for better things to fall in place

Friends forever

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Things to do as a couple


Note: This post is written with the intention to get couples away from their cellphones and together.

Some Most couples are hidden behind their computer screens and cellphones. They sit in their rooms chatting all day about anything, trying to create an image or someone that would be wanted. It’s ridiculous how when I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed I can easily pick up on what couple is arguing or who broke up. I post things on my boyfriends Facebook wall and he does the same in return, but we keep our personal lives and what we do to ourselves. Continue reading

The ways to win my heart


Oh you’re so dreamy.
Meet my happiness. If anything he has won my heart not just once, but everyday through his actions and words. See, we didn’t give up on making eachother fall inlove when we started dating. No, we work on our relationship every day. I am proud to write this piece about my relationship, even if it doesn’t get any likes or any comments, because this is my relationship, my happiness.
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15 Signs You’re Hopelessly Addicted To Instagram

This is exactly me! Oh & I check my instagram at a minimum twice every thirty minutes.


So, who doesn’t like Instagram ?!

Like, it’s the best social media app out there and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m Hopelessly addicted to instagram.

so here are some of the Symptoms that I have and I’m sure I’m not the only one around here who has them!

1. Choosing a filter takes you about a solid 15 minutes.


2. You get irrationally excited when someone pushes you over to 11 likes :



3. You make fun of people who use hashtags… but you use them anyway.


4. You don’t care if lining up the perfect shot makes you look stupid.


5. You live for the numbers in the little orange box.


6. When people try to tell you to take fewer pictures because you’re missing out on real life, you’re just like:


7. Your dream…

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Things to do when bored

Yoga on the daily
50 sit-ups
Re-watch your favourite movie
Movie marathon with popcorn
Read a book
Visit a friend
Go watch a movie by yourself
Blog daily
Do some squats
Put on make up
Lay in the bath
Make a homemade facial mask
Do your nails
Create a new Instagram or Facebook account and be a fashion critic
Research Law or anything you wish to one day study
Dance to random music
Make a new friend
Dye your hair
Give a free hug
Email clothing brands about your opinion
Make smoothies
Watch the sun rise/set
Follow me on instagram @kllychandre
Write a song
Sing at the top of your voice
Go window shopping

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5 Things I hate about having my period, period.


1. The bloating
I become this heavier person. Last week I tried getting into my favorite high-waist shorts and had to jump for my life and wiggle into them. And no, it’s not to say I gained weight, because now I fit perfectly again.

2. Having to wear a strange object that takes all the excess (blood) and cradles it
Tampons and pads are my worst enemies and yet my best friends. They protect you and your gorgeously styled outfit from staining, but they sit uncomfortably and don’t care for your white items.

Seriously, having to realise your flow has arrived while you’re on a date or better yet, while you’re writing an exam and cannot leave the venue. I’d rather wake up with a sign above my head saying: ‘hey, today I’m coming for you, get ready’, wouldn’t you?

4. Oily hair and pimples
This just makes me angry. I just washed my hair yesterday and BOOM, oily hair. I was about to take a selfie and BOOM, pimple on my chin.

5. I get super moody and the only language I speak is sarcasm
‘Why don’t you?’ ‘Do I look like I know where he is?’ ‘Are you stupid?’ ‘Did it ever occur to you that I don’t care?’ ‘Okay’ ‘Whatever’
– These are all the things that would pour out my mouth accompanied by some eye rolling and clicking tongue. Yet the day I finish this horrible flow I’m walking on sunshine.

There’s more, but I limited myself. Feel free to comment or email me with any questions or thoughts.

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